Architecture and Engineering Job Descriptions

Step into the world of architecture and engineering, where job descriptions are like blueprints, mapping out the skills and expertise needed to construct a successful career. From designing awe-inspiring structures to harnessing the power of technology, these professionals are the master builders of our modern world.

But what secrets lie within these job descriptions? What skills are in demand? And how can you unlock the doors to a future filled with endless possibilities?

Prepare to embark on a journey where innovation meets opportunity, as we uncover the mysteries of architecture and engineering job descriptions.

Architecture & Engineering

In Architecture & Engineering, you’ll discover the dynamic intersection of creativity and technical expertise. It’s a field that combines the art of designing structures with the science of engineering.

Architects and engineers work together to create innovative and functional buildings, bridges, and infrastructure. They use their knowledge of mathematics, physics, and materials to bring their designs to life.

This collaboration results in awe-inspiring structures that shape the world we live in.

Innovation Driving Economic Growth

As you explore the field of Architecture & Engineering, you’ll witness firsthand how innovation drives economic growth in this dynamic industry.

From cutting-edge building materials to sustainable design practices, constant innovation is essential to meet the evolving needs of clients and society.

Innovative solutions not only enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of architectural and engineering projects but also create new opportunities for job creation and economic advancement.

In this industry, innovation is the key to staying competitive and driving economic growth.

Architecture and Engineering Job Descriptions

Aerodynamics Engineer

Aeronautical Drafter
Aeronautical Engineer
Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technologist
Air Analysis Engineering Technician
Air Pollution Control Engineer
Aircraft Design Engineer
Aircraft Designer
Aircraft Engineer
Altitude Chamber Technician
Antenna Engineer
Architectural Drafter
Architectural Engineer
Astronautical Engineer
Auto Research Engineer
Automotive Design Drafter
Blueprint Tracer
Bridge Engineer
Building Architect
Building Architectural Designer
Building Drafter
Cartographic Aide
Cartographic Technician
Circuit Board Drafter
Circuit Design Engineer
City Planner
City Surveyor
Civil Computer-Aided Design and Drafting Technician
Civil Drafter
Civil Engineering Technician
Civil Engineering Technologist
Combustion Engineer
Community Development Planner
Concrete Engineering Technician
Construction Engineer
County Surveyor
Die Designer
Drafting Layout Worker
Efficiency Engineer
Electrical Computer Aided Design and Drafting Technician
Electrical Design Engineer
Electrical Design Technician
Electrical Drafter
Electrical Engineering Director
Electrical Engineering Technician
Electrical Power Station Technician
Electrical Systems Drafter
Electrical Systems Engineer
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologist
Electronic Design Automation Engineer
Electronic Drafter
Electronic Engineer
Electronic Instrument Testing Technician
Electronic Parts Designer
Engine Designer
Engineering Design Manager
Engineering Manager
Engineering Research Manager
Environmental Engineering Technologist
Environmental Remediation Engineer
Environmental Remediation Engineering Technician
Environmental Technician
Facilities Engineer
Field Map Technician
Fire Prevention Engineer
Fire Protection Engineer
Flight Data Technician
Flight Systems Test Engineer
Flight Test Engineer
GIS Mapping Technician
Gage Designer
Geodetic Surveyor
Geological Drafter
Geophysical Engineer
Geophysical Prospecting Surveying Technician
Geophysical Prospecting Surveyor
Geotechnical Engineer
Geotechnical Engineering Technician
Global Engineering Manager
Golf Course Architect
Golf Course Designer
Gyroscopic Engineering Technician
Hazardous Substances Engineer
Hazardous Waste Management Control Engineer
Heat Transfer Technician
Heating and Cooling Systems Engineer
Highway Engineer
Highway Engineering Technician
Hydraulic Technician
Hydrographic Engineer
Illuminating Engineer
Industrial Engineering Technician
Industrial Engineering Technologist
Industrial Safety Engineer
Land Surveyor
Landscape Architect
Landscape Designer
Lighting Engineering Technician
Manufacturing Engineer
Mapping Technician
Marine Architect
Marine Drafter
Marine Equipment Engineer
Marine Structural Designer
Mechanical Design Drafter
Mechanical Engineering Director
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technologist
Mine Surveyor
Mineral Engineer
Mineral Surveying Technician
Mineral Surveyor
Mining Engineer
Motion Study Technician
Naval Engineer
Optomechanical Technician
Packaging Engineer
Pollution Control Engineer
Pollution Control Engineering Technician
Power Distribution Engineer
Printed Circuit Board Drafter
Process Engineering Manager
Product Safety Engineer
Product Safety Test Engineer
Production Control Technologist
Production Engineer
Programmable Logic Controller Programmer
Railroad Design Consultant
Regional Planner
Registered Land Surveyor
Research Hydraulic Engineer
Seismic Engineer
Semiconductor Development Technician
Ships Equipment Engineer
Soil Engineer
Structural Architect
Structural Drafter
Structural Engineer
Structural Engineering Technician
Surveying Technician
System Safety Engineer
Telecommunication Engineer
Time Study Technician
Time Study Technologist
Tool Designer
Tool Engineer
Tool and Die Designer
Tool and Die Engineer
Topographical Surveyor
Topography Technician
Transportation Engineering Technician
Urban Planner
Waste Management Engineer
Wastewater Treatment Engineer
Water Treatment Plant Engineer
Wind Tunnel Engineer
Wind Tunnel Technician