Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, & Media Job Descriptions

Imagine walking into a gallery filled with vibrant artwork, each piece telling a story through color and brushstrokes. As you admire the artistry, you can’t help but wonder about the individuals behind these masterpieces. What kind of job descriptions do they have? What skills and talents are required to create such captivating pieces?

In the realm of arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media, the job descriptions are as diverse as the creations themselves. From the meticulous precision of a graphic designer to the electrifying energy of a sports commentator, each role within these industries plays a vital part in shaping the cultural landscape we find ourselves immersed in.

Whether you aspire to be on stage, behind the camera, or at the forefront of creative expression, the possibilities are endless.

Industry Scope

The scope of the industry in arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media is vast and diverse. It offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals with different talents and interests. From visual arts and graphic design to film and music production, the industry encompasses various sectors that contribute to the cultural and entertainment landscape.

Additionally, sports and media play a significant role within this industry. They provide avenues for athletes, journalists, and broadcasters to showcase their skills and passion. These sectors offer opportunities for athletes to compete and excel in various sports, for journalists to report on sporting events, and for broadcasters to bring these events to the public through television, radio, and digital platforms.

Cultural Enrichment

To enrich your understanding of the arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media industry, delve into the realm of cultural expression and appreciation.

Cultural enrichment involves immersing yourself in various art forms, traditions, and customs. It allows you to explore different perspectives, broaden your horizons, and gain a deeper appreciation for diverse cultures.

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, & Media Job Descriptions

3D Animator
Actor Understudy
Advertising Copy Writer
Advertising Copywriter
Advertising Editor
Advertising Photographer
Aerial Photographer
American Sign Language Interpreter
Amusement Park Manager
Apparel Designer
Art Conservator
Art Editor
Art Handler
Artist’s Model
Assembly Instructions Writer
Athletic Coach
Athletic Events Scorer
Audio Recording Engineer
Audio-Visual Production Specialist
Automobile Designer
Ballet Company Member
Ballet Dancer
Ballet Soloist
Bank Note Designer
Baseball Coach
Baseball Scout
Baseball Umpire
Basketball Coach
Betting Clerk
Bicycle Designer
Bingo Manager
Bingo Worker
Blackjack Dealer
Blackjack Pit Boss
Blackjack Supervisor
Boat Club Manager
Book Critic
Book Editor
Book Illustrator
Book Reviewer
Boxing Coach
Broadcast Engineer
Broadcast Maintenance Engineer
Broadcast Operations Engineer
Broadcast Producer
Burlesque Dancer
Camp Counselor
Car Body Designer
Card Table Attendant
Cardroom Manager
Cardroom Supervisor
Caricature Artist
Casino Dealer
Casino Floor Runner
Casino Games Dealer
Casino Manager
Casino Slot Supervisor
Casino Supervisor
Casting Director
Ceramic Designer
Ceramic Mold Designer
Certified Kitchen Designer
Certified Meeting Professional
Choir Director
Choir Member
Chorus Master
Church Organist
Clothes Designer
Clothes Model
Clothing Designer
Club DJ
Collections Curator
Collections and Archives Director
Comic Artist
Comic Book Artist
Comic Illustrator
Commercial Announcer
Commercial Artist
Concert Pianist
Concert Singer
Concrete Sculptor
Conference Organizer
Conference Planner
Conference Planning Manager
Conference Services Director
Conference Services Manager
Conservation Technician
Convention Planner
Convention Services Manager
Copy Desk Chief
Copy Editor
Copy Writer
Corporate Meeting Planner
Corsage Maker
Costume Designer
Court Interpreter
Craps Dealer
Cue Selector
Custom Furrier
DTP Operator
Dance Artist
Dance Costume Designer
Dance Director
Dance Master
Deaf Interpreter
Desk Reporter
Desktop Publishing Specialist
Digital Archivist
Dimmer Board Operator
Diplomatic Interpreter
Disc Recordist
Discotheque Dancer
Diving Judge
Documentation Writer
Double Bass Player
Dramatic Reader
Dress Designer
Dressage Judge
Dub Room Engineer
Editorial Cartoonist
Educational Institution Curator
Electronic Console Display Operator
Electronic Gambling Device Supervisor
Electronic Imager
Electronic News Gathering Camera Operator
Electronic News Gathering Editor
Electronic Pagination System Operator
Electronic Publisher
Electronic Publishing Specialist
Engineering Writer
English Horn Player
Environmental Communications Specialist
Equestrian Events Judge
Ethnographic Materials Conservator
Event AV Operator
Event Planner
Events Manager
Executive Casino Host
Exhibitions and Collections Manager
Exotic Dancer
Fashion Illustrator
Fashion Model
Figure Model
Film Archivist
Film Critic
Film Editor
Film Maker
Film Sound Engineer
Fitness Club Manager
Floral Arranger
Floral Artist
Floral Decorator
Florist Designer
Flower Arranger
Football Coach
Foreign Correspondent
Free Lance Artist
Fresco Artist
Furniture Arranger
Furniture Designer
Gambling Department Head
Gambling Director
Gambling Manager
Gambling Supervisor
Game Show Host
Glass Artist
Go-Go Dancer
Golf Club Manager
Graphic Artist
Guitar Player
Hand Model
Hand Potter
Handbook Writer
Hat Designer
Hat Model
Herbarium Curator
Historical Records Administrator
Hockey Scout
Home Lighting Adviser
Horn Player
Horse Show Judge
Ice Sculptor
Ice Skating Coach
Image Archivist
Independent Film Maker
Independent Video Producer
Index Editor
Industrial Photographer
Interior Decorator
Interior Designer
Investigative Reporter
Keno Dealer
Keno Runner
Keno Writer
Kitchen Designer
Kitchen and Bath Designer
Lamp Operator
Language Translator
Line Dancer
Magazine Designer
Manuscript Editor
Marina Club Manager
Marine Photographer
Market News Reporter
Media Relations Specialist
Medical Illustrator
Medical Photographer
Metal Crafts Artist
Motion Picture Camera Operator
Motion Picture Director
Movie Critic
Movie Editor
Movie Producer
Movie Shot Camera Operator
Multimedia Artist
Mural Painter
Museum Archivist
Museum Curator
Museum Exhibit Technician
Music Adapter
Music Arranger
Music Copyist
Music Director
Music Minister
Music Pastor
Music Video Director
Music Video Producer
National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing Driver
News Anchor
News Camera Operator
News Commentator
News Photographer
News Production Supervisor
News Reporter
News Video Editor
News Videographer
News Videotape Editor
News analysts
Newscast Director
Newscast Producer
Newspaper Columnist
Newspaper Correspondent
Newspaper Photo Editor
Newspaper Photojournalist
Non-Representational Metal Sculptor
Objects Conservator
Oil Painter
On-Air Director
Opera Singer
Orchestra Conductor
Orchestra Director
Package Designer
Paddock Judge
Pageant Director
Paintings Conservator
Paper Conservator
Pattern Illustrator
Photographer’s Model
Photography and Prints Curator
Piano Player
Pit Boss
Pit Clerk
Pit Steward
Placing Judge
Play Back Operator
Poker Dealer
Poker Prop Player
Poker Room Supervisor
Political Cartoonist
Political Reporter
Portrait Artist
Portrait Painter
Portrait Photographer
Press Agent
Press Secretary
Press Writer
Processing Archivist
Profession Cyclist
Professional All Terrain Vehicle Racer
Professional Athlete
Professional Auto Racer
Professional Baseball Pitcher
Professional Baseball Player
Professional Basketball Player
Professional Bass Fisher
Professional Bicycle Racer
Professional Bicyclist
Professional Billiard Player
Professional Bowler
Professional Bull Rider
Professional Car Racer
Professional Dirt Bike Racer
Professional Drag Car Racer
Professional Figure Skater
Professional Football Player
Professional Golfer
Professional Hockey Player
Professional Horse Racer
Professional Ice Skater
Professional Jockey
Professional Kick Boxer
Professional Motocross Racer
Professional Prize Fighter
Professional Pugilist
Professional Race Car Driver
Professional Roller Skater
Professional Skater
Professional Skier
Professional Snowboarder
Professional Soccer Player
Professional Softball Player
Professional Stock Car Driver
Professional Surfer
Professional Swimmer
Professional Tennis Player
Professional Volleyball Player
Professional Wrestler
Program Writer
Proposition Player
Public Affairs Officer
Public Relations Counselor
Public Relations Officer
Public Relations Representative
Publications Editor
Publicity Agent
Publicity Writer
Race Book Writer
Race Starter
Race and Sports Book Writer
Radio Artist
Radio Disc Jockey
Radio Host
Radio Producer
Radio Script Writer
Radio Station Audio Engineer
Radio and Television Technical Director
Radio/Television Technician
Recording Engineer
Recreation Assistant
Recreational Activities Aide
Recreational Activities Assistant
Recreational Aide
Reference Archivist
Remote Broadcast Engineer
Rewrite Editor
Riding Coach
Roulette Dealer
Rug Designer
School Photographer
Scientific Illustrator
Scientific Publications Editor
Screen Writer
Short Story Writer
Skating Rink Manager
Sketch Artist
Ski Coach
Ski Resort Manager
Slot Floor Supervisor
Slot Host
Slot Key Person
Slot Operations Director
Slot Shift Manager
Slots Manager
Snowboard Designer
Society Reporter
Soft Shoe Dancer
Song Lyricist
Sound Assistant
Sound Cutter
Sound Designer
Sound Editor
Sound Effects Technician
Special Effects Artist
Specifications Writer
Sports Book Board Attendant
Sports Cartoonist
Sports Editor
Sportsbook Ticket Writer
Spotlight Operator
Stage Manager
Stained Glass Artist
State Archivist
Studio Model
Sweater Designer
Table Games Dealer
Table Games Manager
Table Games Supervisor
Talk Show Host
Tap Dancer
Tape Editor
Tattoo Artist
Technical Communicator
Technical Editor
Telecasting Engineer
Television Audio Engineer
Television Camera Operator
Television Host
Television News Producer
Television News Video Editor
Television Newscast Director
Television Producer
Television Program Director
Television Writer
Tennis Club Manager
Tennis Coach
Textile Conservator
Textile Designer
Theater Company Producer
Theme Park Manager
Tile Designer
Toy Designer
Trumpet Player
Uniform Designer
Vaudeville Actor
Verse Writer
Video Camera Operator
Video Control Operator
Video Equipment Technician
Video Producer
Video Production Assistant
Video Tape Transferrer
Visual Designer
Voice-Over Artist
Water Colorist
Watercolor Artist
Wedding Photographer
Wedding Planner