Business & Financial Operations Job Descriptions

You’re browsing through job postings, hoping to stumble upon the perfect opportunity. Suddenly, a job description catches your eye – a tantalizing glimpse into the world of business and financial operations.

As you read further, you realize the immense demand for financial expertise in today’s ever-evolving industry. But what exactly do these roles entail? How can you position yourself as a qualified candidate?

In this discussion, we’ll explore the intricacies of business and financial operations job descriptions, uncovering the skills and responsibilities that make these positions so sought after. Get ready to discover the key to unlocking a world of professional possibilities.

Industry Overview

In this section, we’ll provide you with an overview of the business and financial operations industry.

This industry plays a crucial role in the global economy, managing finances and ensuring the smooth operation of businesses.

Professionals in this field handle tasks such as accounting, financial analysis, and risk management.

They help companies make informed decisions and optimize their financial performance, contributing to their growth and success.

High Demand for Financial Expertise

With the crucial role that the business and financial operations industry plays in the global economy, it’s no wonder that there’s a high demand for financial expertise.

As companies strive to navigate complex financial landscapes and make informed decisions, they rely on professionals with the knowledge and skills to analyze data, assess risks, and provide strategic guidance.

From financial analysts to risk managers, the need for individuals who can effectively manage financial resources and drive business growth continues to grow.

Business & Financial Operations Job Descriptions

Here you can browse the job descriptions from the Business and Financial Operations sector that are on our site.

Account Auditor
Accounts Collector
Accounts Receivable Assistant
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Actuarial Associate
Actuarial Mathematician
Advertising Analyst
Advertising Director
Advertising Executive
Advertising Manager
Agricultural Economist
Apartment Manager
Application Development Director
Auditing Clerk
Auto Damage Appraiser
Auto Damage Insurance Appraiser
Automobile Damage Appraiser
Automobile and Property Underwriter
Bank Branch Manager
Bank Compliance Officer
Bank Examiner
Bank Teller
Banking Center Manager
Banking Manager
Banking Services Clerk
Banquet Director
Banquet Manager
Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper
Benefits Analyst
Bill Collector
Billing Clerk
Billing Representative
Boardinghouse Keeper
Bond Underwriter
Branch Lending Officer
Brokerage Purchase-and-Sale Clerk
Budget Analyst
Budget Coordinator
Budget Examiner
Budget Officer
Building Rental Manager
Business Analyst
Business Consultant
Business Management Analyst
Business Office Manager
Business Process Consultant
Business Unit Manager
Cafeteria Director
Cage Cashier
Campaign Fundraiser
Casino Cage Cashier
Casino Cashier
Cattle Buyer
Certified Financial Planner
Certified Public Accountant
Charge Authorizer
Chief Technology Officer
City Collector
City Comptroller
City Treasurer
Claims Analyst
Claims adjusters
Classified Advertising Manager
Clerical Methods Analyst
Collection Agent
Collections Clerk
Collections Representative
Commercial Credit Reviewer
Commercial Lender
Commercial Specialist
Commercial Teller
Commodities Broker
Commodities Clerk
Commodity Trader
Communication Manager
Community Association Manager
Compensation Analyst
Compensation Director
Compensation Specialist
Computer Operations Manager
Computer Security Manager
Computer Software Training Specialist
Computer Training Specialist
Condominium Association Manager
Conference Center Manager
Construction Estimator
Construction Job Cost Estimator
Contract Administrator
Contracting Manager
Corporate Financial Analyst
Corporate Recruiter
Corporate Securities Research Analyst
Corporate Statistical Financial Analyst
Corporate Trainer
Cost Accountant
Cost Analyst
Cotton Broker
Cotton Buyer
Crating and Moving Estimator
Credentialing Coordinator
Credit Authorizer
Credit Charge Authorizer
Credit Checker
Credit Investigator
Credit Manager
Credit Processor
Credit Rating Checker
Credit Reference Clerk
Credit Report Checker
Customs Appraiser
Data Operations Director
Data Processing Manager
Debt Collector
Design Project Management Specialists
Director of Strategic Sourcing
Director of University Housing
District Sales Manager
Dividend Clerk
Donor Relations Manager
Donor Relations Officer
E-Commerce Director
E-Learning Manager
Economic Development Specialist
Economic Research Analyst
Electrical Estimator
Employee Benefits Coordinator
Employee Benefits Director
Employee Benefits Manager
Employee Benefits Specialist
Employee Development Director
Employee Development Manager
Employee Development Specialist
Employee Placement Specialist
Employee Relations Manager
Employee Relations Specialist
Environmental Economist
Equity Trader
Estate Planner
Estate Planning Counselor
Exchange Teller
Export Manager
Field Auditor
Financial Accountant
Financial Auditor
Financial Compliance Examiner
Financial Counselor
Financial Director
Financial Officer
Financial Risk Analyst
Fire Claims Adjuster
Fiscal Manager
Fixed Capital Clerk
Flight Crew Time Clerk
Food Service Director
Food and Beverage Manager
Foreign Banknote Teller
Foreign Exchange Clerk
Foreign Exchange Position Clerk
Foreign Exchange Trader
Foundation Director
Fruit Buyer
Fund Accountant
Funding Coordinator
Fundraising Director
Fundraising Officer
Gambling Cage Cashier
Gambling Cashier
Gold Buyer
Grain Buyer
Health Actuary
Health Claims Examiner
Health Insurance Adjuster
Hog Buyer
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Specialist
Homeowner Association Manager
Hotel Director
Hotel Manager
Hotel Operations Manager
Human Resources Generalist
Income Tax Adjuster
Independent Insurance Adjuster
Individual Pension Adviser
Individual Pension Consultant
Industrial Analyst
Industrial Economist
Industrial Relations Analyst
Industrial Relations Specialist
Information Systems Director
Information Systems Manager
Information Technology Director
Information Technology Systems Director
Installment Agent
Installment Loan Collector
Institutional Commodity Analyst
Insurance Actuary
Insurance Analyst
Insurance Claims Clerk
Insurance Clerk
Insurance Collector
Insurance Employee Trainer
Insurance Examining Clerk
Insurance Policy Issue Clerk
Insurance Underwriter
Insurance Writer
Internal Auditor
Internal Revenue Agent
Internal Revenue Service Agent
International Bank Manager
Internet Marketing Manager
Internet Technology Manager
Investment Banker
Invoice Clerk
Invoice Control Clerk
Job Analysis Manager
Job Analyst
Job Estimator
Job Placement Officer
Job Placement Specialist
Job Recruiter
Job Specification Writer
Job Training Specialist
Labor Economist
Labor Relations Consultant
Labor Relations Director
Labor Relations Representative
Labor Training Manager
Land Acquisition Manager
Leasing Property Manager
Livestock Buyer
Loan Analyst
Loan Interviewer
Loan Officer
Loan Processor
Loan Reviewer
Loan Teller
Lodging Facilities Manager
MIS Director
Machinery Appraiser
Management Consultant
Management Information Systems Director
Market Research Analyst
Market Research Specialist
Marketing Administrator
Marketing Analyst
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Director
Marketing Forecaster
Marketing Specialist
Medical Claims Analyst
Medical Claims Examiner
Merchandise Buyer
Money Order Clerk
Mortgage Accounting Clerk
Mortgage Closing Clerk
Mortgage Loan Closer
Mortgage Loan Processing Clerk
Mortgage Loan Processor
Mortgage Processor
Movie Project Management Specialists
Municipal Bond Trader
Mutual Fund Sales Agent
New Accounts Banking Representative
New Client Banking Services Clerk
Occupational Analyst
Organizational Investment Analyst
Oyster Buyer
Payday Loan Officer
Payment Collector
Payroll Auditor
Payroll Bookkeeper
Payroll Examiner
Pension Administrator
Pension Examiner
Personal Financial Planner
Personal Investment Adviser
Personal Property Assessor
Personnel Administrator
Personnel Coordinator
Personnel Director
Personnel Manager
Personnel Officer
Personnel Recruiter
Personnel Scheduler
Personnel Specialist
Position Classification Specialist
Position Description Manager
Posting Clerk
Price Economist
Pricing Actuary
Procurement Assistant
Procurement Manager
Product Development Actuary
Production Cost Estimator
Promotions Director
Promotions Manager
Property Damage Claims Adjustor
Property Manager
Property and Casualty Insurance Claims Examiner
Public Affairs Director
Public Information Director
Public Information Relations Manager
Public Relations Director
Public Relations Manager
Publicity Director
Purchasing Assistant
Purchasing Clerk
Purchasing Director
Purchasing managers
Radio Time Buyer
Real Estate Appraiser
Real Estate Assessor
Real Estate Loan Officer
Real Estate Manager
Real Property Evaluator
Receiving Teller
Records Management Analyst
Records Management Director
Records and Information Manager
Regional Sales Manager
Reinsurance Claims Analyst
Residential Fee Appraiser
Residential Mortgage Manager
Restaurant General Manager
Retail Buyer
Retirement Plan Specialist
Revenue Collector
Revenue Enforcement Agent
Sales Account Manager
Sales Director
Savings Teller
Search Marketing Strategist
Securities Clerk
Securities Teller
Securities Trader
Social Economist
Sourcing Manager
Stadium Manager
Staffing Coordinator
Statement Clerk
Statement Distribution Clerk
Statement Processor
Stock Broker
Stock Trader
Student Recruiter
Tavern Operator
Tax Accountant
Tax Compliance Officer
Tax Compliance Representative
Tax Economist
Tax Examiner
Tax Investigator
Tax Revenue Officer
Tax examiners and collectors
Territory Sales Manager
Tie Buyer
Time Clerk
Time and Attendance Clerk
Tobacco Buyer
Trade Economist
Training Coordinator
Training Specialist
Underwriting Account Representative
Underwriting Assistant
Underwriting Clerk
Underwriting Service Representative
Union Representative
University Institutional Researcher
University Registrar
VP Advertising
VP Marketing
VP Promotions
Vehicle Damage Appraiser
Volunteer Coordinator
Wage and Salary Administrator
Wholesale Buyer
Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster
Workers Compensation Claims Examiner