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Disclaimer: This article is a guide only – when considering things like wages, role descriptions, etc., ensure you keep up to date on current regulations wherever you’re based.

Business Unit Manager: What is it?

Business Unit Manager is a part of a field we call Administrative services and facilities managers. Here is some information on that field.

Administrative Services And Facilities Managers Are Responsible For Overseeing The Day-To-Day Operations Of A Company’S Administrative Services And Facilities. They Play A Crucial Role In Ensuring That The Organization Runs Smoothly By Managing Various Administrative Tasks, Maintaining Facilities, And Overseeing Support Staff.

One Of The Primary Responsibilities Of An Administrative Services And Facilities Manager Is To Coordinate And Supervise Administrative Activities. They Develop And Implement Efficient Administrative Policies And Procedures To Streamline Processes And Improve Overall Productivity. This Can Include Managing Budgets, Organizing And Coordinating Meetings And Events, Handling Correspondence, And Overseeing Office Supplies And Equipment.

Facility Management Is Another Critical Aspect Of This Role. Administrative Services And Facilities Managers Are In Charge Of Managing And Maintaining A Company’S Physical Infrastructure. They Ensure That Facilities Meet Health And Safety Standards, Manage Maintenance And Repairs, And Oversee Renovations And Construction Projects When Necessary. They May Also Handle Tasks Related To Security, Cleaning, Waste Management, And Energy Efficiency.

Furthermore, These Professionals Are Responsible For Managing Support Staff, Such As Administrative Assistants, Receptionists, And Custodial Workers. They Recruit, Train, And Supervise These Employees, Ensuring They Have The Necessary Skills And Resources To Perform Their Duties Effectively. Administrative Services And Facilities Managers May Also Handle Employee-Related Matters, Such As Performance Evaluations, Scheduling, And Conflict Resolution.

In Summary, Administrative Services And Facilities Managers Play A Vital Role In Maintaining The Smooth Operations Of An Organization. They Ensure Administrative Tasks Are Efficiently Managed, Facilities Are Well-Maintained, And Support Staff Are Effectively Supervised. By Fulfilling These Responsibilities, They Contribute To An Efficient And Thriving Work Environment.

Business Unit Manager: Industry at a Glance

Sample Position Description: Business Unit Manager

If you’re in the process of hiring for the role of Business Unit Manager, crafting a clear and comprehensive job description is a crucial step. Below, you will find a sample job description for the position in the field of Administrative services and facilities managers; designed to provide a solid foundation for your listing.

Please note that this is just a basic ideal of what a Business Unit Manager job description might look like. When writing yours, it should be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of your organization.

It outlines key responsibilities, qualifications, and skills essential for the role, offering a great starting point. Remember to add your company’s unique details, culture, and any specific demands of the role to attract the right candidates.

Job Title: Administrative Services and Facilities Manager

Company: [Company Name]

Location: [Location]

Job Type: Full-time

About Us:
[Company Name] is a leading [industry] company dedicated to providing exceptional [products/services]. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted brand in the market. As we continue to grow, we are seeking a highly organized and detail-oriented Administrative Services and Facilities Manager to join our dynamic team.

Job Description:
As an Administrative Services and Facilities Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the efficient operation of our administrative services and facilities department. You will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of our office environment, managing various administrative tasks, and maintaining a safe and comfortable workplace for our employees.

– Develop and implement administrative policies and procedures to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
– Manage and supervise a team of administrative staff, including receptionists, office assistants, and facilities personnel.
– Coordinate and oversee office maintenance, repairs, and renovations to ensure a safe and functional work environment.
– Monitor and manage office supplies, equipment, and inventory, ensuring adequate stock levels are maintained.
– Handle vendor relationships, negotiate contracts, and ensure cost-effective procurement of goods and services.
– Plan and coordinate office events, meetings, and conferences, including logistics, catering, and audiovisual requirements.
– Oversee the management of office security systems, including access control, CCTV, and alarm systems.
– Develop and implement emergency preparedness plans and procedures to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.
– Collaborate with HR to support employee onboarding, offboarding, and other administrative processes.
– Maintain accurate records and documentation related to administrative activities, expenses, and facility maintenance.

– Bachelor’s degree in business administration, facilities management, or a related field.
– Proven experience in administrative services and facilities management, preferably in a similar industry.
– Strong leadership and managerial skills, with the ability to effectively supervise a diverse team.
– Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities, with a keen eye for detail.
– Proficient in using office software and equipment, including MS Office Suite and facility management software.
– Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact with employees at all levels.
– Knowledge of health and safety regulations and best practices in facilities management.
– Ability to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and adapt to changing priorities in a fast-paced environment.

We offer a competitive salary package, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for professional growth and development. If you are a motivated and results-driven individual with a passion for ensuring a well-functioning office environment, we would love to hear from you.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to [email address]. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

[Company Name] is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Job Duties: Business Unit Manager

If you’re looking for a career in the Administrative services and facilities managers industry, including the Business Unit Manager role, these are some of the duties that you’ll be looking to do.

– Overseeing and managing the daily operations of administrative services and facilities
– Developing and implementing policies and procedures to ensure efficient and effective operations
– Managing and coordinating office support services, such as mail distribution, record keeping, and office supplies
– Planning and managing facility maintenance and repairs, including coordinating with vendors and contractors
– Managing and overseeing the security and safety of the facility, including implementing emergency response plans
– Managing and coordinating office space allocation and layout, including furniture and equipment procurement
– Managing and overseeing the budget for administrative services and facilities, including monitoring expenses and identifying cost-saving opportunities
– Supervising and managing a team of administrative staff and facility maintenance personnel
– Developing and implementing strategies to improve productivity and efficiency in administrative services and facilities management.

Business Unit Manager: The Qualifications You’ll Need

Administrative Services and Facilities Managers typically require a bachelor’s degree in business administration, facility management, or a related field. However, some employers may accept candidates with relevant work experience in lieu of a degree. Additionally, strong organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills are essential for this role. Proficiency in computer software and knowledge of facility management systems may also be required.

Skills Required: Business Unit Manager

If a career in the Administrative services and facilities managers field, especially in the role of Business Unit Manager, appeals to you, here are the skills you’ll need.

– Strong organizational and time management skills
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
– Proficiency in computer software and office equipment
– Knowledge of facility management principles and practices
– Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks effectively
– Attention to detail and problem-solving abilities
– Strong leadership and team management skills
– Budgeting and financial management skills
– Knowledge of health and safety regulations and compliance
– Ability to adapt to changing priorities and work under pressure

Benefits of the Career: Business Unit Manager

Aspiring professionals aiming for the Administrative services and facilities managers industry and considering the Business Unit Manager role should expect these benefits.

– Job security: Administrative services and facilities management roles are essential in every organization, ensuring a steady demand for professionals in this field.
– Competitive salary: These roles often come with attractive compensation packages, reflecting the importance of the responsibilities and skills required.
– Diverse job responsibilities: As an administrative services and facilities manager, you will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of tasks, from managing office operations to overseeing facility maintenance and security.
– Leadership opportunities: This job allows you to take on leadership roles, managing a team of administrative staff and coordinating with various departments within the organization.
– Problem-solving challenges: You will face various challenges in this role, such as finding cost-effective solutions for facility maintenance or resolving conflicts among employees, providing you with opportunities to develop your problem-solving skills.
– Professional growth: With experience and continuous learning, you can progress in your career and take on higher-level managerial positions within the organization.
– Networking opportunities: As an administrative services and facilities manager, you will interact with professionals from different departments and external vendors, expanding your professional network.
– Flexibility: Depending on the organization, you may have the flexibility to work remotely or have flexible working hours, providing a better work-life balance.
– Contribution to organizational success: By efficiently managing administrative services and facilities, you will contribute to the overall success and smooth functioning of the organization.
– Personal satisfaction: Seeing the positive impact of your work, such as a well-maintained and organized office space or satisfied employees, can provide a sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

What Type of Person is Suited to the Career: Business Unit Manager

To thrive in the role of an Administrative Services and Facilities Manager, one must possess a unique blend of personality traits. Firstly, strong organizational skills are essential as these professionals are responsible for overseeing various administrative tasks and managing facilities. They must be detail-oriented and have the ability to multitask effectively. Additionally, excellent communication and interpersonal skills are crucial as they interact with employees, clients, and vendors on a regular basis. Problem-solving skills are also vital as they are often required to find solutions to complex issues related to facilities management. Lastly, a proactive and adaptable nature is necessary to handle unexpected challenges and changes in the workplace. Overall, a successful Administrative Services and Facilities Manager should be a highly organized, communicative, and adaptable individual.

Free Business Unit Manager Position Description Template

If you’re looking to hire in the Administrative services and facilities managers field, here is a free position description template. You can take info from this article along with the specific requirements your company needs.

Position Title: Administrative Services and Facilities Managers
Department: [Department Name]
Reports To: [Immediate Supervisor/Manager]
Job Overview: The Administrative Services and Facilities Managers will be responsible for [main responsibilities]. This role involves [key activities] and requires a dedicated individual with [required qualifications or skills].
Responsibilities and Duties:
– [Primary duty]
– [Secondary duty]
– [Additional duty]
– [Education level]
– [Years of experience]
– [Specific skills]
– [List of benefits]
Application Process: For consideration, please submit [application materials] to [submission details].
We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company.

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