Construction and Extraction Job Descriptions

Looking for a career that involves hands-on work and the opportunity to shape the world around you? Look no further than the realm of construction and extraction.

In this industry, there is a constant need for skilled workers who can tackle the challenges of building and extracting with precision and expertise. Whether it’s constructing towering skyscrapers or extracting valuable resources from the earth, the world of construction and extraction offers a range of job opportunities that are both fulfilling and in high demand.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey where every day brings new challenges and the satisfaction of seeing tangible results, keep reading to discover more about the diverse job descriptions within this field.

Construction & Extraction

In the construction and extraction industry, you play a vital role in building and extracting materials to create the structures that shape our world.

As a construction and extraction worker, you’re responsible for tasks such as operating heavy machinery, laying foundations, installing plumbing and electrical systems, and excavating materials.

Your expertise and skills are crucial in ensuring that projects are completed safely and efficiently, contributing to the development and progress of our society.

High Demand for Skilled Workers

Skilled workers in the construction and extraction industry are currently in high demand. With the increasing number of construction projects and the need for infrastructure development, there’s a shortage of qualified workers.

This demand is driven by the growth in the housing market, the need for new commercial buildings, and the expansion of transportation systems.

As a skilled worker in this industry, you have the opportunity to secure stable employment and advance your career.

Construction and Extraction Job Descriptions

Acoustical Ceiling Installer

Adobe Layer
Adobe Layer Helper
Air Conditioning Service Technician
Air Conditioning Sheet Metal Installer
Air Hammer Operator
Angle Dozer Operator
Architectural Inspector
Asbestos Abatement Worker
Asbestos Remover
Asphalt Paver
Asphalt Paving Machine Operator
Asphalt Roller Operator
Asphalt Tamping Machine Operator
Banker Mason
Beam Builder
Beam Builder Helper
Billboard Poster Helper
Blacktop-Paver Operator
Blade Grader Operator
Block Layer
Boiler Coverer
Boiler Coverer Helper
Boiler Fitter
Boiler Installer
Boiler Mechanic
Boiler Setter
Boiler Tester
Boilermaker Mechanic
Brick Carrier
Brick Chimney Builder
Brick Setter
Brick Washer
Bricklayer Helper
Brickmason Apprentice
Bridge Inspector
Bridge Ironworker
Bridge Ironworker Helper
Bridge Painter Helper
Building Carpenter
Building Carpenter Helper
Building Code Inspector
Building Inspector
Bulk Cooler Installer
Carpenter Assistant
Carpenter Helper
Carpet Layer
Carpet Layer Helper
Ceiling Insulation Blower
Cellulose Insulation Helper
Cement Mason
Cement Patcher
Ceramic Tile Installation Helper
Ceramic Tile Installer
Chimney Builder Helper
Combination Slasher-Loader Operator
Commercial Carpet Installer
Composition Floor Layer
Composition Roofer
Composition Weatherboard Installer
Concrete Finisher
Concrete Floor Installer
Concrete Mason
Concrete Smoother
Concrete Swimming Pool Installer
Construction Backhoe Operator
Construction Bulldozer Operator
Construction Carpenter
Construction Carpenters Helper
Construction Coordinator
Construction Craft Laborer
Construction Excavator
Construction Inspector
Construction Ironworker
Construction Ironworker Helper
Construction Shovel Operator
Construction Superintendent
Construction Trench Digger
Cork Floor Installer
Cork Insulation Installer
Cork Insulator
Cork Insulator Helper
Counter Installer
Curbstone Setter
Custom Wood Stair Builder
Decontamination Worker
Delimber Operator
Diesel Pile Hammer Operator
Ditching Machine Operating Engineer
Dry Plasterer Helper
Drywall Applicator
Drywall Finisher
Drywall Hanger
Drywall Hanger Helper
Drywall Installer
Drywall Sander
Drywall Stripper
Drywall Stripper Helper
Drywall Taper
Drywall Taper Helper
Drywall Worker
Drywall installers
Electric Powerline Examiner
Electric Utility Lineworker
Electrical High Tension Tester
Electrical Inspector
Electrical Lineworker
Electrical Sign Wirer Helper
Electrician’s Assistant
Elevator Adjuster
Elevator Constructor
Elevator Inspector
Elevator Installer
Elevator Mechanic
Elevator Repair and Maintenance Technician
Elevator Service Technician
Escalator Installer
Escalator Mechanic
Escalator Service Mechanic
Evaporative Cooler Installer
Feller Buncher Operator
Feller Operator
Finish Carpenter
Firebrick Layer
Firebrick Layer Helper
Floor Finisher
Floor Refinisher
Floor Sander
Floor Sanding Machine Operator
Floor Scraper
Freight Elevator Erector
Furnace Converter
Furnace Fitter
Furnace Mason
Gas Furnace Installer
Gas Main Fitter Helper
General Contractor
Grader Operator
Granite Setter
Granite-Chip Terrazzo Finisher
Grapple Operator
Grapple Skidder Operator
HVAC Sheet Metal Installer Helper
Hard Tile Setter
Hardwood Finisher
Hardwood Floor Installation Helper
Hardwood Floor Installer
Hazard Waste Handler
Hazmat Technician
Heat and Frost Insulator
Heat and Frost Insulator Helper
Highway Inspector
Highway Painter Helper
Home Inspector
Hot Tar Roofer
Hot Tar Roofer Helper
House Carpenter
House Carpenter Helper
House Painter Helper
House Wirer Helper
Hydraulic Elevator Constructor
Hydraulic Pile Hammer Operator
Hydraulic Plumber Helper
Hydraulic Press-In Operator
Industrial Gas Fitter Helper
Industrial Roofer
Industrial Roofer Helper
Insulation Machine Operator
Interior Surface Insulation Worker
Iron Guardrail Installer
Irradiated Fuel Handler
Laminate Floor Installer
Lead Abatement Worker
Leaded Glass Installer
Linoleum Installer
Linoleum Layer Helper
Loader Operator
Log Check Scaler
Log Chipper Operator
Log Cutter
Log Grader
Log Hauler
Log Loader Operator
Log Peeler
Log Processor Operator
Log Roper
Log Scaler
Log Sorter
Log Stacker Operator
Logging Cable Skidder Operator
Logging Clam Bunk Operator
Logging Crane Operator
Logging Excavator Operator
Logging Forwarder Operator
Logging Laborer
Logging Operating Engineer
Logging Shovel Operator
Logging Slasher Operator
Logging Swamper
Logging Tractor Operator
Lumber Stacker Operator
Marble Ceiling Installer
Marble Installation Helper
Marble-Chip Terrazzo Worker
Marine Electrician Helper
Marine Pipefitter Helper
Marine Steam Fitter Helper
Masonry Contractor Administrator
Memorial Mason
Metal Roofing Mechanic
Metal Tank Erector
Monument Mason
Mortar Mixer
Motor Grader Operator
Oil Burner Repairer
Oil Furnace Installer
Onyx-Chip Terrazzo Worker
Ornamental Ironworker
Ornamental Ironworker Helper
Ornamental Plasterer Helper
Parquet Floor Layer
Parquet Floor Layer’s Helper
Paver Operator
Pipe Coverer
Pipe Fitter Helper
Pipe Insulator
Pipe Insulator Helper
Plaster Tender
Plate Glass Installer
Plate Glass Installer Helper
Plumber Assistant
Plumber Helper
Plumbing Inspector
Post Tensioning Ironworker
Post Tensioning Ironworker Helper
Pottery Kiln Builder
Power Lineworker
Pre-Engineered Metal Building Ironworker
Precast Concrete Ironworker
Public Works Inspector
Pulpwood Cutter
Radiological Control and Safety Technician
Rebar Worker
Refractory Bricklayer
Refractory Tile Helper
Refrigeration Insulator
Refrigeration Systems Installer
Reinforcing Steel Worker
Residential Building Inspector
Residential Carpet Installer
Residential Roofer
Residential Roofer Helper
Resilient Tile Installer
Rigging Slinger
Road Grader
Rock Mason
Rod Buster
Rod Buster Helper
Roofer Assistant
Roofer Helper
Roofing Laborer
Rustic Terrazzo Setter
Scraper Operator
Screed Operator
Sewer Pipe Layer Helper
Sheet Metal Duct Installer
Sheet Metal Duct Installer Helper
Sheet Metal Fabricator
Sheet Metal Former
Sheet Metal Installer
Sheet Metal Insulator
Sheet Metal Layout Mechanic
Sheet Metal Layout Worker
Sheet Metal Roofer
Sheet Rock Applier
Sheet Rock Hanger
Sheet Rock Installation Helper
Sheet Rock Installer
Sheet Rock Taper
Sheet Rock Taper Helper
Sheet Rock Worker
Shingles Roofer
Shingles Roofer Helper
Ship Painter Helper
Shock-Absorption Floor Layer
Slate Roofer
Slate Roofer Helper
Sprinkler Fitter Helper
Stage Electrician Helper
Stained Glass Glazier
Stained Glass Glazier Helper
Stained Glass Installer
Stained Glass Joiner
Steam Shovel Operating Engineer
Steam Shovel Operator
Steel Fabricator
Steel Fitter
Steel Rod Buster
Steel Tier
Stoker Installer
Stone Chimney Mason
Stone Layer
Structural Steel Erector
Swimming Pool Plasterer Helper
Terra Cotta Roofer
Terra Cotta Roofer Helper
Terrazzo Finisher
Terrazzo Finisher Helper
Terrazzo Grinder
Terrazzo Installer
Terrazzo Layer
Terrazzo Layer Helper
Terrazzo Setter
Terrazzo Worker
Terrazzo Worker Helper
Tile Installer
Tile Mason
Timber Cutter
Timber Estimator
Timber Faller
Timber Feller
Timber Hand
Timber Harvester Operator
Tree Crusher Operator
Tree-Shear Operator
Trench Digger Helper
Trench Pipe Layer Helper
Underground Conduit Installer
Utilities Ground Worker
Veneer Grader
Vibratory Pile Driver
Vinyl Flooring Installer
Vinyl Installer
Wall Insulation Sprayer
Wall Taper
Wall Taper Helper
Wall-to-Wall Carpet Installer
Wallpaper Hanger Helper
Wallpaperer Helper
Water Main Installer Helper
Wind Turbine Erector
Window Glazier
Window Glazier Helper
Wood Floor Layer
Wood Tile Installation Helper
Wood Tile Installer