Manufacturing and Production Job Descriptions

Are you tired of the same old job descriptions that fail to capture the essence of manufacturing and production roles? Well, look no further! In this discussion, we will explore the exciting world of manufacturing and production job descriptions, revealing the essential skills and responsibilities that make these positions so vital in today’s industry.

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What Is the Manufacturing Industry?

The manufacturing industry encompasses the production and assembly of physical goods through various processes and technologies. It’s a sector that plays a crucial role in the economy, providing countless job opportunities and contributing to economic growth.

From automobiles to electronics, clothing to furniture, the manufacturing industry is responsible for creating the products we use and rely on every day. It involves a wide range of activities, including design, fabrication, quality control, and distribution.

High Employment Rates

With high employment rates, the manufacturing industry offers numerous job opportunities for individuals seeking stable and fulfilling careers. Whether you’re interested in operating machinery, managing production lines, or quality control, there’s a role for you.

From entry-level positions to skilled trades, the industry provides a wide range of options. With continuous advancements and technological innovations, manufacturing is an ever-evolving field that guarantees job security and growth potential.

Manufacturing and Production Job Descriptions

Air Bag Builder
Aircraft De-Icer Installer
Aircraft Engine Assembler
Aircraft Fuselage Framer
Aircraft Layout Worker
Aircraft Line Assembler
Aircraft Part Assembler
Aircraft Riveter
Aircraft Sheet Metal Mechanic
Airset Caster
Airset Molder
Aluminum Molding Machine Operator
Aluminum Polisher
Aluminum Pourer
Ampoule Examiner
Annealing Furnace Operator
Anode Builder
Armature Assembler
Assembling Motor Builder
Auto Battery Builder
Automotive Machinist
Bag Grader
Barrel Straightener
Battery Assembler
Battery Builder
Blow Mold Operator
Bore Mill Operator for Plastic
Boring Mill Operator for Metal
Brass Roller
Brazing Machine Operator
Brazing Machine Setter and Setup Operator
Brazing Machine Tender
Breaker Unit Assembler
CNC Machine Operator
CNC Machinist
CNC Operator
Carburizing Furnace Operator
Chrome Plater
Chromium Plater
Cigarette Examiner
Circuit Board Assembler
Clutch Housing Assembler
Coil Builder
Coil Former
Coil Winder
Cold Header Operator
Combination Machine Tool Operator
Compressed Gas Tester
Compression Molding Machine Operator
Computer Assembler
Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machinist
Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Milling Machine Operator
Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Programmer
Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Shot Peening Operator
Coping Machine Assembler
Copper Plater
Core Stripper
Crate Builder
Crimping Machine Operator for Metal
Deburring Machine Operator
Diamond Grader
Diamond Polisher
Diamond Setter
Digital Watch Assembler
Doll Maker
Drill Press Operator for Metal
Electric Arc Furnace Operator
Electric Motor Controls Assembler
Electric Sign Assembler
Electrical Assembler
Electrical Controls Assembler
Electrical Timing Device Adjuster
Electro Plater
Electrogalvanizing Machine Operator
Electromechanical Assembler
Electron Beam Welder Setter
Electronic Assembler
Electronic Sensing Equipment Assembler
Electronic Wirer
Engine Builder
Engine Lathe Operator
Fiberglass Boat Builder
Fiberglass Fabricator
Fiberglass Grinder
Fiberglass Laminator
Fiberglass Luggage Molder
Fiberglass Machine Operator
Fiberglass Roller
Fiberglass Ski Maker
Flame Hardening Machine Setter
Forging Roll Operator
Forming Roll Operator
Foundry Molder
Four Slide Machine Setter
Gas Turbine Assembler
Gear Cutter
Gear Machinist
Gem Cutter
Generator Assembler
Green Sand Molder
Hard Chrome Plater
Header Setup Operator
Heat Treater Apprentice
Heat Treating Furnace Tender
Helicopter Airframe Mechanic
Horizontal Boring Mill Operator for Metal
Induction Machine Setter
Industrial Production Manager
Ingot Caster
Iron Pourer
Jet Engine Assembler
Jewel Bearing Facer
Jewelry Repairer
Jig Bore Tool Maker
Jig Boring Machine Operator
Lead Team Assembler
Lure Maker
Machine Builder
Machine Welder
Machined Parts Quality Inspector
Manual Lathe Machinist
Manufacturing Director
Marine Chronometer Assembler
Melt Room Operator
Metal Die Finisher
Metal Gauge Maker
Metal Grinder
Metal Milling Machine Operator
Metal Mockup Maker
Metal Patternmaker
Metal Plater
Metal Punch Press Operator
Metal Rotary Head Milling Machine Setup Operator
Metal Sheet Roller Operator
Metal Slitter
Metal Spraying Machine Operator
Metal Stamper
Metalizing Machine Operator
Microwave Oven Assembler
Mill Beam Fitter
Molten Iron Pourer
Motor Rewinder
Motor Winder
Multi-operation Forming Machine Setter
Multiple Coil Winder
Nickel Plater
No Bake Molder
Numerical Control Machine Operator
Numerical Control Programmer
Numerical Tool Programmer
Numerical Tool and Process Control Programmer
Petroleum Sampler
Pipe Straightener
Plant Chief
Plant Manager
Plant Superintendent
Plastic Cup Fabricating Machine Operator
Plastic Die Maker Apprentice
Plastic Jig and Fixture Builder
Plastic Straightening Roll Operator
Plastic Thread Milling Machine Setup Operator
Plating Machine Operator
Precision Machinist
Production Control Manager
Production Machinist
Programmable Logic Controller Assembler
Propeller Layout Worker
Protector Plate Attacher
Quality Assurance Inspector
Quality Control Inspector
Quality Inspector
Quilt Stuffer
Radial Drill Operator for Plastic
Radial Drill Press Operator for Plastic
Reaming Machine Operator for Plastic
Reserve Tube Welder
Rotor Coil Taper
Sand Molder
Screw Machine Operator
Screw Machine Tool Setter
Sewing Machine Assembler
Smelter Operator
Soldering Machine Operator
Soldering Machine Setter and Setup Operator
Soldering Machine Tender
Spark Plug Tester
Spike Machine Operator
Steam Turbine Assembler
Steel Pourer
Steel Roller
Swager Operator
Swaging Machine Operator
Switchbox Assembler
Synchronous Motor Assembler
Team Assembly Line Machine Operator
Team Automobile Assembler
Time Stamp Assembler
Tin Plater
Tin Pourer
Tool Maker
Tool Polishing Machine Operator
Tool Room Machinist
Transformer Assembler
Transformer Maker
Truck Transmission Assembler
Truck Transmission Builder
Ultrasonic Welding Machine Operator
Vacuum Cleaner Assembler
Vending Machine Assembler
Wax Pattern Coater
Welding Machine Operator
Welding Robot Operator
White Metal Caster
Wing Coverer
Wire Annealer
Wire Coiler
Wire Drawing Machine Tender
Wire Mill Rover
Wire Temperer
Wire Winder
Wire Winding Machine Tender