Protective Service Job Descriptions

Have you ever wondered what it takes to protect and serve?

In a world where security concerns are at an all-time high, the need for dedicated individuals in protective service roles is more crucial than ever. But what exactly do these job descriptions entail?

From guarding high-profile individuals to securing sensitive locations, the responsibilities of those in the protective service field are as diverse as they are demanding.

So, if you’re intrigued by the idea of safeguarding others and want to know more about the exciting possibilities that await, keep reading.

Security Services

Security services provide protection and safeguard against potential threats and risks. As a consumer, you rely on security services to ensure your safety and the security of your property.

Security guards, surveillance systems, and alarm monitoring are just a few examples of the services offered. By having these measures in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your well-being and belongings are being looked after by professionals.

National Security Concerns

To better understand the current landscape of national security concerns, consider the potential threats and risks that pose significant challenges to safeguarding our country. These concerns range from cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure to the spread of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Additionally, there are ongoing challenges related to border security, intelligence gathering, and counterintelligence efforts.

Addressing these concerns requires constant vigilance and collaboration among various government agencies and international partners.

Protective Service Job Descriptions

911 Dispatcher

911 Operator
Ambulance Dispatcher
Armed Guard
Arson Investigator
Bank Guard
Border Guard
Border Patrol Officer
Campus Police Officer
Casino Investigator
Casino Surveillance Officer
Certified Detention Deputy
Certified Fire Investigator
Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator
Certified Legal Investigator
Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator
City Bailiff
Conservation Enforcement Officer
Convict Guard
Correction Officer
Correctional Guard
Correctional Sergeant
Correctional Treatment Specialist
County Bailiff
Court Bailiff
Court Officer
Court Security Officer
Criminal Investigator
Deputy Bailiff
Deputy Sheriff
Deputy United States Marshal
Detention Deputy
Detention Officer
Emergency Communications Dispatcher
Emergency Communications Operator
Emergency Operator
Emergency Telecommunications Dispatcher
Environmental Protection Fire Control Officer
FBI Investigator
Fire Dispatcher
Fire Engine Pump Operator
Fire Equipment Operator
Fire Fighter
Fire Hazard Inspector
Fire Investigator
Fire Operations Forester
Fire Prevention Inspector
Fire Ranger
Fire Safety Inspector
Fish Warden
Fish and Wildlife Warden
Forest Fire Control Officer
Forest Fire Officer
Forest Firefighter
Gambling Monitor
Gambling Surveillance Observer
Gambling Surveillance Officer
Game Warden
Highway Patrol Officer
Homicide Detective
Jail Guard
Juvenile Corrections Officer
Juvenile Probation Officer
Licensed Private Investigator
Loss Prevention Detective
Marine Firefighter
Motorcycle Police
Mounted Police
Municipal Firefighter
Narcotics Detective
Narcotics Investigator
Park Police
Parole Agent
Parole Officer
Patrol Officer
Penal Officer
Police Detective
Police Dispatcher
Police Radio Dispatcher
Prison Guard
Prison Officer
Private Detective
Private Eye
Private Investigator
Private Watchman
Probation Officer
Public Safety Dispatcher
Public Safety Telecommunicator
Railroad Detective
Railroad Police Officer
Security Officer
Skip Tracer
Smoke Jumper
State Highway Police Officer
State Trooper
Store Detective
Track Patrol
Transit Authority Police
Transit Police Officer
Wildfire Prevention Specialist
Wildland Fire Operations Specialist
Wildland Firefighter
Wildlife Control Agent
Wildlife Officer
Wildlife and Game Protector