Transportation and Material Moving Job Descriptions

If you’re looking to hit the road towards a new career, transportation and material moving job descriptions can be your compass to success. In a world where efficiency and speed are the driving forces, these roles are the gears that keep everything moving smoothly.

But what exactly do these jobs entail? What skills and qualifications are needed to excel in this fast-paced industry?

Buckle up and get ready to explore the exciting world of transportation and material moving, where the possibilities are endless and the demand for skilled workers is at an all-time high.

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics play a crucial role in efficiently moving goods and materials from one location to another. As a key player in this industry, you understand the importance of coordinating the transportation process, managing inventory, and optimizing routes.

By utilizing advanced technologies and implementing effective strategies, you ensure that products are delivered on time, minimizing costs and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Your expertise in transportation and logistics is essential for a smooth and successful supply chain.

High Demand for Skilled Workers

As the transportation and logistics industry continues to thrive, skilled workers are in high demand to meet the growing needs of efficiently moving goods and materials from one location to another.

With the increasing reliance on e-commerce and the rise of global trade, companies are seeking individuals who possess expertise in areas such as truck driving, warehouse management, supply chain analysis, and distribution coordination.

These skilled workers play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of goods and materials throughout the supply chain, making them essential to the success of the industry.

Transportation and Material Moving Job Descriptions

Able Seaman
Aerial Crop Duster
Aerial Hurricane Hunter
Aerial Sprayer
Agricultural Pilot
Air Ambulance Captain
Air Tour Pilot
Air Traffic Control Operator
Air Traffic Control Specialist
Air Traffic Coordinator
Aircraft Cleaner
Airline Captain
Airline Flight Attendant
Airline Pilot
Airline Pilot Flight Instructor
Airline Pilot In Command
Airline Pilot Second In Command
Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Flight Attendant
Airport Apron Bus Driver
Airport Shuttle Driver
Airport Tower Controller
Airside Transfer Bus Driver
Ash Conveyor Operator
Assembly Line Tender
Auto Carrier Driver
Auto Cleaner
Auto Detailer
Automobile Detailer
Balloon Pilot
Barge Captain
Barge Engineer
Barge Master
Beer Coil Cleaner
Boat Detailer
Boat Pilot
Boom Crane Operator
Brick Offbearer
Bridge Crane Operator
Bus Cleaner
Bus Washer
Cab Driver
Car Ferry Captain
Car Ferry Master
Car Wash Attendant
Car Washer
Cargo Handler
Cart Pusher
Carton Wrapper
Cement Truck Driver
Chain Offbearer
Charter Coach Driver
Charter Pilot (Air Transport Pilot Certificate Required)
Charter Pilot (Airline)
Charter Pilot (Commercial Pilot Certificate Required)
Charter Pilot (Commercial)
Cherry Picker Operator
Chip Bin Conveyor Tender
Chopper Feeder
Coal Tower Operator
Coal Tram Driver
Coastal Tug Mate
Commercial Helicopter Pilot
Concrete Mixer Driver
Concrete Mixer Truck Driver
Control Tower Operator
Conveyor Belt Operator
Conveyor Tender
Corporate Pilot
Courtesy Car Driver
Courtesy Van Driver
Deck Cadet
Deck Hand
Deck Officer
Delivery Sales worker
Diesel Locomotive Firer
Dinkey Driver
Dinkey Engine Firer
Dinkey Operator
Docking Pilot
Dredge Deckhand
Dredge Engineer
Dredge Mate
Dryer Feeder
Dump Truck Driver
EMS Helicopter Pilot
Egg Packer
Electric Crane Operator
Emergency Medical Service Helicopter Pilot
Emergency Medical Service Rotary Wing Pilot
Engine Hostler
Enroute Controller
Equipment Cleaner
Erecting Crane Operator
Executive Pilot
Ferry Boat Captain
Ferry Captain
Ferry Engineer
Ferryboat Captain
First Mate
Flight Instructor (Commercial Pilots)
Flight Steward
Forklift Driver
Forklift Operator
Freight Brake Operator
Freight Conductor
Freight Engineer
Freight Handler
Front-End Loader Operator
Fuel Truck Driver
Funeral Car Driver
Garbage Collector
Garbage Truck Driver
Gift Wrapper
Grain Elevator Operator
Grave Digger
Grocery Light Truck Driver
Grocery Stocker
Grocery Store Bagger
Harbor Boat Pilot
Harbor Pilot
Harbor Tug Captain
Haulage Engine Operator
Hearse Driver
Helicopter Pilot
Hoist Operator
Hopper Feeder
Hopper Filler
Hotel Shuttle Driver
Hydraulic Lift Driver
Industrial Truck Operator
Launch Operator
Line Feeder
Line Haul Driver
Locomotive Switch Operator
Log Truck Tractor-Trailer Driver
Logging Flatbed Truck Driver
Logging Truck Driver
Logistics Analyst
Logistics Coordinator
Logistics Planner
Logistics Specialist
Machine Cleaner
Manufacturing Laborer
Material Handler
Meat Packager
Meat Wrapper
Merchant Mariner
Merchant Seaman
Monorail Crane Operator
Motor Coach Bus Driver
Motor Coach Driver
Motor Coach Tour Operator
Newspaper Deliverer
Newspaper Delivery Driver
Night Stocker
Nonemergency Medical Transporter
Ordinary Seaman
Outboard Motorboat Operator
Over-the-Road Driver
Overhead Crane Operator
Package Handler
Packing Line Operator
Packing Machine Can Feeder
Parcel Truck Driver
Passenger Car Conductor
Pizza Delivery Driver
Port Captain
Port Crane Operator
Public Transit Bus Driver
Public Transit Trolley Driver
Radio Control Crane Operator
Railcar Switcher
Railroad Brake Operator
Railroad Car Cleaner
Railroad Engineer
Railroad Firer
Railway Engineer
Railway Switch Operator
Reach-Lift Truck Driver
Recyclable Materials Collector
Refuse Collector
Regional Airline Pilot
Retail Stocker
Rideshare Cab Driver
River Boat Captain
River Pilot
Route Sales Person
Route Salesperson
Sailboat Captain
Sales Route Driver
School Bus Driver
School Bus Operator
Scrap Crane Operator
Scrap Metal Collector
Self-loading Flatbed Truck Driver
Semi-Truck Driver
Ship Harbor Pilot
Shipping and Receiving Material Handler
Solid Waste Collector
Special Education Bus Driver
Speedboat Driver
Speedboat Operator
Spike Machine Feeder
Spinning Doffer
Spooler Operator
Stacker Operator
Store Stocker
Switch Coupler
Tanker Driver
Taxi drivers
Tow Boat Captain
Tow Truck Operator
Towboat Engineer
Towboat Pilot
Tower Loader Operator
Train Brake Operator
Train Conductor
Train Engineer
Trash Collector
Truck Washer
Tug Boat Captain
Tug Boat Engineer
Tugboat Captain
Tugboat Engineer
Tugboat Mate
Tugboat Operator
Tugboat Pilot
Utility Bagger
Van Loader
Vessel Ordinary Seaman
Warehouse Stocker
Water Taxi Ferry Operator
Water Taxi Operator
Wharf Laborer
Winch Derrick Operator
Winch Operator
Woodyard Crane Operator
Yard Conductor
Yard Hostler